Our Organization

The Women’s Caring Program (WCP) is a Michigan 501(c)(3) corporation that provides financial support to children from low-income working families for quality childcare and early childhood education.

WCP grew from a circle of friends who met in the home of founder Carol Walters in 1979 to build friendships. As the years passed, this expanding circle of women became especially concerned about the childcare needs of working mothers and their ability to pay for quality care. The group began to fundraise to support quality care for children from low-income families.

These efforts led to the creation of the Women’s Caring Program in 1995 and the ChildCare Commitment program. Today our four programs–ChildCare Commitment, Early Start, SPARK and the Brightmoor Neighborhood Project provide financial support for quality childcare and early education across Michigan for children ages birth to five in working poor and low-income families.

Our Vision is a legacy of caring, child by child.

Our Mission is to serve as leaders for supporting children and families on the road to independence through quality childcare and early childhood education.

Our Values:

  • Caring: The Women’s Caring Program  Women’s links those with a generous heart and those who can truly benefit by investing in children and families.
  • Independence: The Women’s Caring Program partners with families on their journey to financial security.
  • Connection: The Women’s Caring Program joins women, families and children with donors, support and care.

Stewardship: Women’s Caring Program Maximizes its impact now and in the future by responsibly managing resources, talent and time.